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REGGAE NATION GERMANY is a project in favour of the UNITED FOR AFRICA Campaign and exists since 2005. In consolidated projects, national and international artists, mainly from Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop, try to gain interest for the African continent, its potentials and to develop awareness for the problems of the Africans. Since 2006 the REGGAE NATION GERMANY project organizes an annual Charity festival and project days in favour of the UNITED FOR AFRICA Campaign. Every year artists, organizers and activists get together to bundle their talents and raise their voices for the continent of Africa. Primary goal of the project is to collect donations and to inspire kids and teenagers to get involved with the help of artists and workshops. The REGGAE NATION GERMANY project further works together with several different institutions and organisations like VIVA CON AGUA or YOUTH AGAINST POVERTY EUROPE for example, to reach goals like integration and fighting poverty. The work of REGGAE NATION GERMANY is based on fairness, equality and humanity, and so we demand to “look beyond our societies’ own nose and open your eyes!”

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